Wednesday, 21 August 2013

What a crushing speech..


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Excel to Special Character Delimited Format(CSV file convertor)

The business sends data across to the developers mostly in Excel format. To load it in the code we always need to convert it into a flat file(a special character delimited file). The task is simple. The content can be taken from excel copied in NP++. And with a few Keyboard buttons, we have the file ready. This simple task is accompanied by various small tasks like opening the source file, copying its content, opening NotePad ++ applications, then pasting it there, etc. Imagine doing this for hundreds and thousands of files(depending on how big the project is). This would get insane, and waste a lot of valuable time of the developer.

I have developed a VB Script for doing all that, and made it even simpler. 
The user just needs to browse the source file, browse the destination file(if already exists, otherwise the software will create one on its own). Its accompanied by a few other functions.

Simple Java Chat

Small Chat Client Using Java

Whenever we learn something new, the best way to go about it is to be able to relate with what knowledge a individual has gained with real world examples.

presenting a small Server Client program with which you can chat just by knowing the IP address of the person you want to talk to. The program can be made more complex. But as I just want to cover the basics, there is no complexity in the coding.

Link: Simple Java Chat Program

Note: The program is derived from tutorials of

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Removing hundreds of Hidden Columns from Excel with a few clicks

I have developed a small utility which helps in removing the hidden columns from an excel file. Selecting columns then selecting unhide can become cumbersome if there are several columns of different locations in a single excel file.

Please download the User Guide(from the link provided) and remove hidden columns with just a few clicks.

Have fun..!

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Link: Delete Hidden Columns/Rows from Excel