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Anyone interested in joining Google Plus..???

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Ask what you Want at GWYW and GTYW

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Apple iphone.. Is this the future..? Mind Boggling features.. Check Out..(Video)

The Apple Iphone Concept has such features in it that it can not be put in the same bracket of SMARTPHONES.. This is smarter, highly advanced in Technology.. Hence giving you and me a kick in the Head.. This is the future.. It's hard to imagine a phone so capable as this one.. And this is just the beginning. Once this technology surfaces up, all the big shots will be craving to have the same in their products..

Apple Iphone 5 CONCEPT.

According to Aatma Studio, a San Francisco-based 3D animation studio, the iPhone of the future will have a laser keyboard and a holographic display. The ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight device will have a virtual keyboard that can be scaled up or down using simple pinch and zoom gestures. The keyboard can be made brighter or darker depending on user preference.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the concept design is the holographic display. If you're tired of viewing videos and shows on the small iPhone screen, you can bring up an expansive holographic display with one swipe.

Of course, both features are still years from becoming a reality, but shouldn't underestimate Apple's ingenuity.

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GOOGLE + ----->>>> FACEBOOK - ?? Ten(One for you to add) reason to think that this might be possible.

Well. Personally i am a big fan of Mr Zuckerberg. And i am sure that his programming skills are too hot.. It will be a daunting tasks for PAGERS to really close in the gap with Facebook..

But here are ten reason why that might be possible..
1. You get to choose the circles.

This is the very reason why social networking sites are roaming around online and has invaded most of the young people today but adults won’t be defeated with the updates. In fact, Google+ has offered the latest way of keeping the company of friends that you would like to include on your list of friends and this is called “Circle”. This is the best way of organizing the number of people that you have added on your end and grouping them according to their label and relationships with you.

2. Group Video Chats.( I have a personal experience with this one)

First of all the quality of the video in google plus is much better than that of skype/facebook. I don't know how this was managed. (I guess processor speeds and video quality are boosted on a higher level.) But yeah. They have awesome clarity.
You can find that in the hangouts section there. Can chat with more than one person. I've heard that one can chat(VIDEO CHAT) with around five people at one go. Don't worry too much about the video quality as i have already mentioned..

3. You decide your privacy with ease. Drag and drop..
Not having control as to who is watching your wall posts/photos/comments...???
This is the unique feature of Google+, which would automatically notify the profile user using alerts, warnings, especially if you are being added on other circles. You’ll have the control not to share posts, pictures, links, and videos.

4. Google Plus @ Mobile

It is directly linked to the site and offers better features that users can comfortably use.

5.  Photo Tags

Confidentiality is an important aspect that Google+ .
The funniest way of saving yourself from any mess but sharing it with people you want can be kept as privately as possible.

6. Personalized layout.

Hold on, you can have backgrounds that are more interesting and organizing your lay out, even giving your own shades of color and add themes to your preference.

7. High Quality pics. See them at any size. Small, Medium, Large

Google+ has ways of handling photos that can be viewed in different sizes and angles.

8. Better Way of Handling Business and Social Networking

It has word processing, calendars, application market, and this is a good way to keep your pacing focus on the business yet socializing professionally speaking.

9. Google is the the Top search Engine

Everyone is aware of how much Google has invaded online businesses and they even merged up with other online companies just to widen their connection and productivity.
They have a real time system, which is the best part to beat down Facebook.

10. Still thinking about. Not able to get.. Any suggestions??

What to buy your favorite product while sitting at home browsing the globe.. Here it is. The Indian Amazon.COM

FLIPKART is an electronic commerce company opened by two Indians Mr Sachin Bansal and Mr Binny Bansal( I don't know if they are related)
It was established in 2007. These dudes are IIT pass-outs. Previously worked in Amazon.com..
But now here they are.. In APNA DES.. FY 2010-11 revenues of 75 crores they are the number one online bookstore in India.
And guys that's not all. You can get a variety of things in flips..
They have:
2.)Mobiles & accessories,
5.)Games and consoles,
6.)CDs for movies and  TV shows,
8.)Ipods and Mp3 players,
9.)HealthCare Products and Home Appliances.

And wait a minute.. That's not all. They have a dedicated call center that runs 24*7. Isn't this amazing..!!
And wait a sec.. These people are faster than you think they are. They claim to deliver your product in 2-3 days of time.. That's what's the claim. But don't be surprised if the FLIPKART man knocks on your door the very next day..
I searched for Laptops and other electronics.. Man.. They have a competitive pricing as well..
Do visit this website before purchasing. It also has add and compare facility. It's quite awesome so to say.
Enjoy shopping at home guys..

Link: Go Flipkart

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Belgium an adventurous Feast..

Well. This was one of the most fantastic races of the season.. Schumacher starting from 24th, Adrian Sutil starting from 15th and Jenson Button starting from 13th. The adrenaline made all watching, on their toes through out the game. Jenson finishing 3rd after maneuvering corners with the finesse that comes only in few. Schumacher made a very good competitor for all. The Indian Champ, Adrian Sutil was not behind. He was even ahead of Webber, Button and Alonso at one time. The DRS did him in. With DRS he'll definitely prove to be a very tough against the big names. Vettel's awesomeness dint leave the game. His confidence has been growing all through out 2011. Although Hamilton dint find his sweet spot in the podium but in the grass along with a broken limb of his car. To summarize. It was an eventful race.
The standings for Belgium..

Pos No Driver                    Team                 Laps       Time/Retired Grid Pts
1 1 Sebastian Vettel    RBR-Renault    44                 1:26:44.893   1 25
2 2 Mark Webber    RBR-Renault    44                     +3.7 secs   3 18
3 4 Jenson Button    McLaren-Mercedes        44                     +9.6 secs  13 15
4 5 Fernando Alonso            Ferrari            44             +13.0 secs   8 12
5 7 Michael Schumacher    Mercedes            44          +47.4 secs  24 10
6 8 Nico Rosberg    Mercedes                 44          +48.6 secs   5 8
7 14 Adrian Sutil    Force India-Mercedes         44          +59.7 secs  15 6
8 6 Felipe Massa    Ferrari         44          +66.0 secs   4 4
9 10 Vitaly Petrov    Renault         44          +71.9 secs  10 2
10 12 Pastor Maldonado    Williams-Cosworth                 44          +77.6 secs  21     1
11 15 Paul di Resta    Force India-Mercedes         44          +83.9 secs  17
12 16 Kamui Kobayashi            Sauber-Ferrari         44          +91.9 secs  12
13 9 Bruno Senna    Renault         44          +92.9 secs   7
14 21 Jarno Trulli    Lotus-Renault         43          +1 Lap  18
15 20 Heikki Kovalainen    Lotus-Renault         43          +1 Lap      16
16 11 Rubens Barrichello    Williams-Cosworth                 43          +1 Lap      14
17 25 Jerome d'Ambrosio    Virgin-Cosworth                 43          +1 Lap  20
18 24 Timo Glock    Virgin-Cosworth                 43          +1 Lap      19
19 23 Vitantonio Liuzzi    HRT-Cosworth                 43          +1 Lap    22
Ret 17 Sergio Perez    Sauber-Ferrari         27          +17 Laps   9
Ret 22 Daniel Ricciardo    HRT-Cosworth                 13          +31 Laps  23
Ret 3 Lewis Hamilton    McLaren-Mercedes                 12           Accident   2
Ret 18 Sebastien Buemi            STR-Ferrari                          6     Accident damage  11
Ret 19 Jaime Alguersuari    STR-Ferrari                  0     Accident damage   6

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Where to buy Metallica Tickets

Hey guys here is a quick link for the metallica fans who are waiting for the GODS to arrive.. Book'm Fast.. Tickets are finishing.. I hope they are still there by the time you get to click here.. Special note for college going students who have limited money.. Guys this is the opportunity. You never know whether they will come to India again or not.. Make the best of the opportunity.. Buy'em now..http://www.ticketgenie.in/TG/Common.aspx?p=Home&engine=false

Latest From No-Kia.. Are we done with NOKIA yet..? OR PICTURE ABHEE BAKEE HAE?? Check Out to know more

Nokia has launched three new smartphones—the 700, 701 and 600—which all use the latest Symbian Belle software update. The Symbian software allows Nokia to offer single-tap near-field communication (NFC) technology sharing and pairing with all three smartphones, as well as allowing content to be shared between devices. The NFC capabilities also allow any of the three new smartphones to pair with NFC-enabled mobile accessories, such as speakers or Bluetooth headphones and headsets. In addition, Nokia is rolling out the 101 and 100 phones that are aimed at the low-cost end of the market. The Nokia 101 is the company’s latest dual-SIM devices and it is the most affordable to date. The dual-SIM functionality enables users to connect to two different networks to receive calls and messages. The Nokia SIM manager allows users to select which SIM card to use to make a call or send a text message; this helps users manage costs and maintain network coverage without needing several phones. In addition, the SIM manager allows users to store the settings of up to five SIM cards on the phone, and to personalize them by assigning names and logos for each SIM setting.

Latest from Google+

One of the most popular features of Google+ has been Hangouts, the group video conferencing app that lets users host video chats with up to 10 users at once. Some of the roughly 30 million Google+ users have treated Hangouts as more than just a group meeting app for friends. Some are using Hangouts as a more significant broadcast medium.

Qualifying @ Belgium

Red Bull
Sebastian Vettel, 1m 48.298s, P1
Mark Webber, 1m 49.376s, P3
Vettel said that he had been ‘uncomfortable’ early on in qualifying, but that he took a step forward in Q2 with some new racing lines that led to a big improvement. He was delighted with his ninth pole of the season. Webber, turned 35 this weekend, was happy, until he got pushed from 1st to 3rd, and suggested that he might have pushed his tyres too hard, too soon.

Lewis Hamilton, 1m 48.730s, P2
Jenson Button, 2m 05.150s, P13
Hamilton survived the drama of a collision at the end of Q2 when Maldonado drove into him, and was able to fight for pole in Q3 though his McLaren’s suspension was slightly out of line. He held it for seconds, until he was deposed by Vettel, and says he will be strong in the race. Button was unlucky to miss his final chance to improve as times tumbled at the end of Q2, after a misunderstanding between him and the team saw him cool his tyres and run out of laps in which to improve. He will start only 13th.

Felipe Massa, 1m 50.256s, P4
Fernando Alonso, 1m 51.251s, P8
Ferrari looked very strong in Q1 and Q2, with Alonso fastest in the latter. But when the time came to go to slicks in Q3, the Spaniard had trouble generating sufficient tyre temperature and also struggled with traffic. For a change, Massa got the best out of a tricky and disappointing situation to take fourth, with his team mate only eighth.

Nico Rosberg, 1m 50.552s, P5
Michael Schumacher, no time, P24
Mercedes had a bad start when the right-rear wheel fell of Schumacher’s car at Les Combes on his out lap, spinning him into a wall and leaving him in 24th place. Rosberg improved late on to fifth.

Not to Forget - 

Force India
Adrian Sutil, 2m 07.777s, P15
Paul di Resta, 2m 07.758s, P18, will start P17
Force India came to Spa expecting to repeat their 2009 level of competitiveness, but for various reasons failed to deliver. Sutil had just gone fifth fastest in Q2 when he lost it at the top of Eau Rouge and trashed his VJM-04, while Di Resta spun while trying to push through to Q2, and just when he looked safe was bumped by Kovalainen. The Scot blamed the team for keeping him in the pits when conditions were at their best, then calling him in just as he could have made one last effort to improve. Starting 15th and 18th, they’ll be charging on Sunday.


Hey Guys metallica is ON again. The band has recently had the distinct honor of recording with the legendary Lou Reed this past spring at there head quarters. The ten songs that will comprise the album "Lulu" are complete and will be released on October 31 Worldwide and November 1 in North America. 
Read More on http://www.metallica.com/news/aug-22-2011-lou-reed-and-metallica-website-up.asp

Want to buy a new laptop @ information about only the latest

With the rage of games and with the advent of cheaper laptops the laptop market in India has grown manifolds.
Now you can own a very decent laptop in not more than 25 Grand.

The best laptop in the lower category is undoubtedly ACER.

A dual core processor with integrated graphics card is good enough for playing most of the famous games in the market. It is much better than the Dell Dual core Processor which comes at a slightly higher price Tag.
Check out acer at :http://www.acer.co.in/ac/en/IN/content/group/notebooks

In the mid range DELL rules the laptop market. With the launch of the second generation processor from DELL its the best bet to get under the 45 Grand price mark. It has island keyboard which gives it a very neat look. It also comes with a change with a click panel cover. Just for 900 Hundred Bucks you can have yourself a brand new panel of your choice. You surely wont get bored of looking at you Lappy with the new covers which keeps in coming in different designs.
Check out 2nd gen dells at http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/topics/topic.aspx/ap/topics/learnmores/see_smart_come_to_life_home?c=in&cs=indhs1&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=mn
Now comes the above 50 Grand price tag. Well well well.. Does anyone have a ipod..? Is anyone a fan of APPLE.
IMAGINE stores and many other retailers distribute APPLE products including there LAPTOPS.
The MAC book air is the new in thing. With the newly made 2.5X faster thunderbolt OS its a beautiful creation from Apple. Its priced in the 50 Grand range. The laptop has flash drive which makes it the fastest ever to read from the hard disk. Weighs only 1.06 kgs. It's the best buy for an apple lover in the lower category. Have look at these priceless little thing at www.apple.com/in/macbookair/

New XPS 15z and the new 17
The 15z priced at a whopping 70,800 it has a lot of new features.
Professionals and artisans seeking an ultra-thin laptop, packed with the latest technology that is as beautiful and durable outside as it is powerful inside.

The new 17

Feel the 3D thrill @ 85,000 INR

Movies, games and music come to life in breathtaking 3D, with amazing visuals and incredible sound, all powered by the 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ processors

Enjoy 3D content on the go or at home on your 3D TV.

What are the ODDS.. @ Belgium GRAND PRIX?

Its been 3 races since Mr Vettel was unable to swing the magic wand his way.Mounting pressure from the Ferrari's McLaren?  Both of the Red Bull drivers have called for a rethink could just hint at a bit of unrest behind the scenes at Red Bull. Vettel was a bit critical of his pit stop strategy in Hungary. Vettel had a chance of winning the race, but was edged out by McLaren’s Jenson Button, and because the Ferrari team and the McLarens have become more and more competitive as the season has worn out, the gauntlet has been thrown down to Red Bull to improve. There are just eight races left in the season, and as long as Vettel keeps coasting home with podium finishes, there is not going to be too much the rest of the field can do about that.

Learn what you CAN

Now here's the thing.
You want to learn anything now a days. Then the smartest way is to surf the net and find the best tutorial you want. Mr Bucky Roberts is the DUDE in this.

He has a channel in youtube. He has many tutorials. and what he teaches is more than enough for any computer Junkee..

He has programming, gaming development, Computer Hardware, Adobe Softwares and much more.
This is not the easiest i'de say BUT the best way to learn new stuff.. His website is www.thenewboston.com


Its one of those times when you feel that technology is whatt makes life fun.. APPLE was a pioneer in making us believe that.. Infact.. Stephen Paul Jobs was the mind which made the impossible possible. From his being taken out of APPLE from his being taken back in to his making APPLE the world leader in technology.. Mr Jobs has seen it all. He is a very smart person. He has had his highs and lows. Many people would've been in tears when they got to know that he will be leaving the company. Mr Jobs has done everything for his APPLE. It is like his child. Who he has nurtured since the very  beginning. He is leaving the company because he feels that he would not be able to continue with the same energy. He thinks that he wont be able to give his best to the company. In this way he knows that it will be harmed. He does not want that. He is is the King Of Technology for me. What about you ?