Wednesday, 22 February 2012

No More Aakash tablets for IIT Rajasthan??

Starting of the End?

DataWind has completely stopped the supply of Aakash Tablets to IIT Rajasthan.
Reason : They have supplied around 10,000 units have have got money for none.
IIT Rajasthan denied to comment. Datawind has supplied 10,000 tablets till now, at 2,276 each to IIT Rajasthan. Meanwhile, commenting on some news reports citing Datawind's ejection from the Aakash 2 tender, senior officials in the Ministry of Human Resource and Development said it may be a case of 'misquoting and misrepresentation' as 'no such process' is underway. 

There are rumors that Datawind has been ejected from the Aakash 2's tender..

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