Saturday, 27 August 2011

Latest From No-Kia.. Are we done with NOKIA yet..? OR PICTURE ABHEE BAKEE HAE?? Check Out to know more

Nokia has launched three new smartphones—the 700, 701 and 600—which all use the latest Symbian Belle software update. The Symbian software allows Nokia to offer single-tap near-field communication (NFC) technology sharing and pairing with all three smartphones, as well as allowing content to be shared between devices. The NFC capabilities also allow any of the three new smartphones to pair with NFC-enabled mobile accessories, such as speakers or Bluetooth headphones and headsets. In addition, Nokia is rolling out the 101 and 100 phones that are aimed at the low-cost end of the market. The Nokia 101 is the company’s latest dual-SIM devices and it is the most affordable to date. The dual-SIM functionality enables users to connect to two different networks to receive calls and messages. The Nokia SIM manager allows users to select which SIM card to use to make a call or send a text message; this helps users manage costs and maintain network coverage without needing several phones. In addition, the SIM manager allows users to store the settings of up to five SIM cards on the phone, and to personalize them by assigning names and logos for each SIM setting.

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