Monday, 29 August 2011

Apple iphone.. Is this the future..? Mind Boggling features.. Check Out..(Video)

The Apple Iphone Concept has such features in it that it can not be put in the same bracket of SMARTPHONES.. This is smarter, highly advanced in Technology.. Hence giving you and me a kick in the Head.. This is the future.. It's hard to imagine a phone so capable as this one.. And this is just the beginning. Once this technology surfaces up, all the big shots will be craving to have the same in their products..

Apple Iphone 5 CONCEPT.

According to Aatma Studio, a San Francisco-based 3D animation studio, the iPhone of the future will have a laser keyboard and a holographic display. The ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight device will have a virtual keyboard that can be scaled up or down using simple pinch and zoom gestures. The keyboard can be made brighter or darker depending on user preference.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the concept design is the holographic display. If you're tired of viewing videos and shows on the small iPhone screen, you can bring up an expansive holographic display with one swipe.

Of course, both features are still years from becoming a reality, but shouldn't underestimate Apple's ingenuity.

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