Saturday, 27 August 2011


Its one of those times when you feel that technology is whatt makes life fun.. APPLE was a pioneer in making us believe that.. Infact.. Stephen Paul Jobs was the mind which made the impossible possible. From his being taken out of APPLE from his being taken back in to his making APPLE the world leader in technology.. Mr Jobs has seen it all. He is a very smart person. He has had his highs and lows. Many people would've been in tears when they got to know that he will be leaving the company. Mr Jobs has done everything for his APPLE. It is like his child. Who he has nurtured since the very  beginning. He is leaving the company because he feels that he would not be able to continue with the same energy. He thinks that he wont be able to give his best to the company. In this way he knows that it will be harmed. He does not want that. He is is the King Of Technology for me. What about you ?


  1. Abey....Apple Lover!!!..Steve Jobs has not left the company....He is still the chairmain of Apple. He has just stepped down as the CEO of the dont cry over it!!!...

  2. Thanks for sharing your knowledge pal. You also know what part a CEO plays and what part a CHAIRMAN plays. It's his slow decline. That's the point which i am trying to convey to all.. Read STEVE JOBS ICON. You'll get to know about Steve even more :)