Friday, 7 October 2011

Steve Jobs left us just after the launch of a product which again is a REVOLUTIONARY device..

Steve Jobs left us on 5th October.
On 3rd October one of the finest new products were launched by APPLE. Although i did not see the actual presentation launch(as for the first time Steve was not giving the presentation) i am posting the video by APPLE.

This phone is much more than you could have ever imagined..
The price for this phone is again soothing more customers..
People who dreamed about having a new Iphone at a lower cost. Guys.. Here it is..
cost: $99 8GB. $199 16GB. $299 32GB. $399 64GB

Thanks Steve.. We love you.. You are the best

Steve you ARE the best.. APPLE means Steve to me..

Now ladies and gentlemen.. What will happen after the Iphone 4S.. Well Well Well.. Other big mobile giants will invent something similar to SIRI.. uh..!! I mean they all will start to do something like what APPLE has done in Iphone 4S..In Simple Very Simple words.. COPY.. 

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