Friday, 21 October 2011

User to Iphone 4S: Who is your Daddy.. Iphone replies...

Iphone 4S is a talking machine..
You can talk to it as you do with your friends.
There breakthrough software Siri is making all the rage in the mobile industry.
Iphone 4S is coming for $199 in the US with a 2 year contract..
For all the Indians.. Guys its costing $649..
And that a huge some.. But getting something like 4S is an amazing a out of the world experience..
Check out the video uploaded by Mr Ramsey. Who is another Apple Fanatic..
Iphone 4S is like a friend. You can talk to her whatever. She is smart and fun to talk to you.
Amazing project by Apple.. She is not less than your own Personal Secretary.

Thanks Apple. Thanks Steve.. You've made the world change..
Note: 4 Million Apple Iphone 4S sold in a single weekend !!!!!!!!!


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